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Larimore Public Information System


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Larimore Offers Comprehensive Public Information System -


System Meets or Exceeds All Campus and Clery Act Mandates



Chesterfield, Mo., February 1 , 2008 - The Larimore Public Information system efficiently catalogs data input and provides a wide variety of Campus Security Reports that are compliant with the reporting requirements of the Clery Disclosure Act. Campus Security Police reports and Campus Crime Statistics may also be kept in accordance with the Crime Awareness and Campus Security regulations imposed since 1990 by the Clery Act.


In addition, the Larimore Public Information system can be custom designed to provide additional departmental information while handling all reporting and timing aspects of the Clery Disclosure Act.


The Larimore Public Information system has met or exceeded expectations for the Harvard University Police Department:


The Public Information System was recently installed at the Harvard University Police Department, an administrator from Harvards dispatch center said.


Larimores customized Public Information System has provided the Harvard University Police Department with a centralized and convenient way to view calls for service and reports. The system also serves as an integral piece of the process to create the daily crime log for the department. The Public Information System pre-populates time, date and location fields from calls for service and reports, acting as a built-in quality control process.


The main aspects of the Clery Reporting Requirements:  Annual Security Report, Crime Log, Timely Warnings and Crime Statistics.


Annual Security Report

Required by October of each year, the Annual Security report provides crime statistics for the prior three years. Additionally, policy statements are submitted regarding various safety and security measures, campus crime prevention program descriptions along with the investigative procedures and prosecution of sex offenses.  Contact Larimore Associates to have the parameters of an Annual Security report created in conjunction with departmental and Clery Reporting requirements.


Crime Log

A public log of all reported crimes is to be maintained by the department. Each entry in the log must contain the nature, date, time and general location of each crime along with the final disposition of the complaint. Crime logs must be kept for seven years, three years following the publication of the last annual security report.


Timely Warnings - in accordance with national requirements

In addition to the annual report, timely warnings are required for crimes that present a danger to students and campus employees.  Warnings may be delivered at specified intervals by text, email, pager or other timely manners. Contact Larimore Associates to have Timely Warnings incorporated into the Public Information system.


Crime Statistics

A report of the most recent three years of crime statistics must be available. The report is to be listed by crime category and must indicate if any of the reported incidents involved bodily injury or hate crimes. Among the crime categories:  Criminal Homicide, Sexual Offenses, Robbery, Aggravated Assault, Burglary, Arson, Motor Vehicle Theft and Liquor / Drug / Weapons offenses. Larimore Associates can customize crime statistic reports as part of the Public Information system.



For more information on the Public Information system:

Contact Larimore at or (636) 537-3112.



About Larimore Associates, Inc.

Larimore Associates, Inc. is a leading provider of integrated public safety solutions.  The company was founded in 1970 and continues to be one of few companies in the industry providing customized software solutions for its clients.  Its products include Computer Aided Dispatch and a wide array of Records Management Systems, encompassing 30 + modular applications such as:  Scheduling, Incident Reporting, Internal Affairs, Arrest Management and NFIRS systems.  The company is headquartered in the Saint Louis suburb of Chesterfield, MO.


The Larimore Public Information system can

be custom designed to provide additional departmental information while handling all reporting and timing aspects of the Clery Disclosure Act.

Sample Campus Crime Statistics report populated by Larimore

Public Information system



For more information:

(636) 537-3112


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