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Larimore Associates, Inc. announces that its state-of-the-art Personnel & Scheduling Software can now be purchased as a stand-alone application.


Chesterfield, Mo. - Larimore Associates, Inc. is excited to announce that its Scheduling Application is now available independent of the main Larimore System. The Personnel Application is the only required accompaniment.


As with each of the applications Larimore Associates develops, the Scheduling Application may be integrated with the other Larimore applications as well as with outside systems such as payroll systems. When integrated with the CAD system, for example, much of the duplicate entry of data is reduced.


The key timesaving feature of the system is the ability to load the CAD Duty Roster from the Scheduling system.  For large departments, this is crucial as hundreds of units are logged on and off during shift change. Valuable time is saved and many data entry errors are eliminated.


Managing the scheduling requirements of a department is a necessity. Change is constant once a schedule has been produced due to reassignments, promotions, temporary assignments, vacations, personal leave, etc. The Larimore Scheduling Application is flexible and easy to use, allowing changes to be made to multiple schedules quickly and efficiently.


About the Technology:

Larimore Associates applications are designed with the intention of reducing the workload of those utilizing them. Integration is achieved wherever possible, reducing the entry of duplicate information. The Scheduling Application has been designed to automatically handle all types of scheduling arrangements. 


Each department is provided with three different methods of creating the templates from which the schedules will be built:  Rotation, Cycle, and Manual Setups. The Rotation and Cycle Templates cover most of the unique scheduling arrangements, while the Manual setup will accommodate the rest. Rotation Setup:  A group of employees works 3 rotations, with a different shift per rotation or per month or a fixed rotation. The scheduling application will build schedules for these employees based on the specified parameters. Cycle Setup: A group of employees works 2 rotations and repeats the cycle 3 times before switching shifts. By creating a template with this information, the system will then apply the selected individuals to the template so that schedules may be built. Manual Setup: The Scheduling System will build schedules for the employee or group of employees by scheduling every day as a workday with one work shift. Then the schedule will need to be modified for the days off, shift changes and any exceptions.


The Personnel and Scheduling Systems are designed to accommodate an unlimited number of people, both civilian and sworn. One department using Larimores Scheduling Application schedules over 1200 employees daily.


For more information:

Contact Larimore at or (636) 537-3112.


About Larimore Associates, Inc.

Larimore Associates, Inc. is a leading provider of integrated public safety solutions.  The company was founded in 1970 and continues to be one of few companies in the industry providing customized software solutions for its clients.  Its products include Computer Aided Dispatch and a wide array of Records Management Systems, encompassing 30 + modular applications such as:  Scheduling, Incident Reporting, Internal Affairs, Arrest Management and NFIRS systems.  The company is headquartered in the Saint Louis suburb of Chesterfield, MO.






Managing the scheduling requirements of a department is a necessity. The Larimore Scheduling Application is flexible and easy to use, allowing changes to be made to multiple schedules quickly and efficiently.

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For more information:

(636) 537-3112



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